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Seed starter blend. Humic acid + kelp + amino acid.

45% Humic/Fulvic Acid
35% Sea Kelp
20% Amino Acid (non GMO soy)

Apply 1/lb per acre at green up / planting.
Apply 1 lb per acre 4-5 weeks in or at next spray

increase microbe populations & activity retain nutrients in root zone increase organic matter conserve water increase soil carbon level (Humic + TerraChar powder) increase yield by weight and QUALITY.

Although it isn’t obvious, healthy soils are chock-full of living organisms. Some are visible to our unaided eye: earthworms, beetles, mites, springtails, and more.  But most soil-dwellers are very, very small.  Also very, very important to soil fertility.

A few grams of soil, less than a teaspoon, contains billions of microbes. Not only is total number of microbes quite high, but together, they weigh a lot, too.  The biomass of soil microbes ranges from hundreds to thousands of pounds per acre.

Bacteria, most numerous microbes in soil, are just one cell.

Fungi are also abundant, and grow long, white, slender strings or filaments, called “hyphae.”

Actinomycetes, in-between these two, are advanced bacteria that form branches like fungi, and give soil its earthy smell.

Fungi and actinomycetes are good at starting decomposition of organic residues, consuming materials that are tough to digest. Bacteria finish by eating most indigestible ingredients.

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