Provides a rich source of Nitrogen for nitrogen loving plants. Use to help plants grow quickly, and to increase seed and fruit production, and improve plant quality and appearance. Suitable for all plants grown in the greenhouse, landscape, and garden.Grower’s Secret Nitrogen is a vegetable protein that can be applied by ground or air application to plants, or through drench, drip or flood irrigation to prevent or correct nitrogen deficiencies that could limit growth and yields. Nontoxic to plants when applied as directed. For best results, apply according to recommendations based on plant tissue or soil analysis for a given crop.

Guaranteed Analysis 14-0-0
Total Nitrogen (N) 14.0%
13.78% Water Soluble Nitrogen
0.02% Nitrate Nitrogen
0.16% Insoluble Nitrogen
0.03% Ammoniacal nitrogen
<0.5% Urea

Additional documentation (.pdf)
Amino Acid Profile Report

NPK Analysis
OMRI Listing



Available by special order only.

5 lbs. or 50 lbs.

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